Our manufacture

LLC “White Tree” started its activity in 2003. We were one of the first in the world who started to develop and produce natural snacks –fruit bars. We selected the optimal composition, combination of tastes and production technology for careful preservation of health benefits and taste of fruits and berries.
How do we make it:

  • Step 1. Preparing
    The base for fruit bars is prepared from the purified selected raw materials with addition of berries and pieces of fruits. Raw materials are hand sorted and washed thoroughly.
  • Step 2. Milling
    Some fruits like dried apricots should be mill so it goes in the cutter.
  • Step 3. Mixing
    In the mixer all necessary ingredients according to recipe turn into a homogeneous fruit mass. After that stage we have fragrant fruit mass consist of pieces of fruits, berries and fruit puree.
  • Step 4. Molding
    Fruit mass undergoes the molding machine. After that step we have molded fruit strips 1.2 meters long!
  • Step 5. Drying
    Drying at low temperatures in order to preserve all the vitamins. Fruit bar is still too long but already has proper humidity.
  • Step 6. Cutting
    Cutting long fruit strips to bars of required length. It remains only to pack!
  • Step 7. Packing
    Bars are packing into airtight packaging to preserve maximum taste and usefulness.
  • Step 8. Storage
    and transportation It is very important to store and transport fruit bars with proper temperature and humidity to avoid spoilage and to preserve nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
We do not spare efforts to keep our products natural, tasty and as useful as possible!